Why This Modern Kitchen Is the Perfect Fit For This Historic Home


The client’s request turned out to be a challenge: fill the kitchen with modern amenities and make it look like they’ve always been in the 1880 home, a mix of Victorian and Queen Anne styles.

Brian Polster, founder of the design and build firm THREE SIXTY, brought expertise to this project from rehabbing old commercial spaces such as Café Benelux, where the goal was also to “hold onto the character of the old.”

This East Side kitchen was gutted, keeping only the original floors. The existing quarter-sawn, white-oak flooring was

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60 Best Kitchen Ideas – Decor and Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Design

modern white kitchen

Lincoln Barbour

Dreaming of a kitchen renovation? Before you knock down any walls, start small and give the heart of your home a well-deserved upgrade using these stylish spaces for inspiration. Simple swaps like new stools, lighting, or even cabinets knobs can update your kitchen in a flash, and don’t miss our favorite paint ideas as well.

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Pattern Pile-On

Like you would in a cozy bedroom, pile on prints to your heart’s desire, starting with an accent wall covered in one pattern, and a colorful rug in another.


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Kitchen Dining Family Room Design

Kitchen Dining Family Room Design – the Importance dwelling very important and must obtained as soon as perhaps for their already menage. Because of the dwelling is the needs of their staple for anyone. However time, making of the house simple cheap that any difficulty. Because it you need to browsing an overview related design of dwelling at this time. So as could create the set aside budget build a residence the desired.

Design of residence is actually there are a lot of and one of the Kitchen Dining Family Room Design. Model of home on this one do

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Meridian Design – kitchen cabinet and interior design blog-Malaysia

I am very excited to share that this Semi-D kitchen has been selected as a feature for 2 magazines! The first time this kitchen appeared in magazine was in the January/February 2013 issue of DAPUR IMPIAN.

* The 2nd photoshoot and interview by Creative Homes has been scheduled on Friday 8th March 2013. I will post the pics later.

Mrs Aslam – the proud owner of this beautiful home who just loves to cook up a storm and entertain guests.
kitchen cabinet malaysia
Mrs Aslam’s comfortable and elegant dining area, where every piece of  utensil is carefully selected to  reflect the Contemporary Asian
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29 Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room

In this gallery you’ll find beautiful open kitchen designs with living room including ideas for paint, finishes and decor.Contemporary kitchen with open concept to living room and waterfall travertine counter island

Homes & apartments with open plan design continues to be popular, especially among new developments. Such layout is favored because it helps save space and gives a lighter feel to the space. Open plan layouts are often applied on common areas, such as the living room, dining room & kitchen for residential properties.

People usually have different reasons for favoring open layouts. The living room & the kitchen are not often placed adjacent to each other, as the dining area is

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Country Kitchen Design – Pictures and Decorating Ideas

Pictures and Decorating Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas: Some kitchens are made to be admired at a distance; country kitchens are made to be used. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.

Mismatched chairs at the kitchen table, a farmhouse sink with a fabric skirt, oak hardwood floors, butter yellow walls, and a red brick range hood add character and charm to this country style kitchen.

Essential Elements: Farmhouse sinks, beadboard panels, and open shelving are trademarks of country kitchen designs. Knotty wood cupboards or painted

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Country Kitchen Design Pictures and Decorating Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas: Some kitchens are made to be admired at a distance; country kitchens are made to be used. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.

Country Kitchen Design
Mismatched chairs at the kitchen table, a farmhouse sink with a fabric skirt, oak hardwood floors, butter yellow walls, and a red brick range hood add character and charm to this country style kitchen.

Essential Elements: Farmhouse sinks, beadboard panels, and open shelving are trademarks of country kitchen designs. Knotty wood cupboards or painted and glazed cabinets with simple styling

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Before and After: An Interior Design Student Upgraded Her Family’s Kitchen from Builder Grade to Beautiful

Suchada Eickemeyer and her husband bought their California home for their family of five in 2016, just as she was beginning interior design school. Suchada knew from the start that she would be able to put her newly acquired skills to good use in the house’s kitchen, which she says initially came across as ’90s builder grade.

The orange oak cabinets and drawers felt like they were a few more opens and closes away from completely falling apart, she writes: “The bottoms of drawers would literally fall out when we pulled them out, or the entire drawer would fall off

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Combined Kitchen and Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Many families follow the usual tradition when all members of the household gather together for breakfast, dinner or Sunday lunch. It would be even better if the table will find a place for guests, even if they came unexpectedly. After all, with all excess of modern communications many of us today is simply out of free time to communicate with family and friends. And often it is the small area of the living space is a major obstacle for the realization of combined kitchen and living room interior design ideas into real life.

Combined Kitchen and Living Room Interior Design Ideas. Orange luscious color

Alas, the typical multi-story apartment flat, which

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dvd Interior Design | Greenwich Interior Kitchen Designer

kitchen and home living

Welcome!  Whether you are a design professional, or a decor enthusiast, we’ve got so much to share with you! A little about me. I am an interior kitchen designer living in Greenwich, Connecticut. Fairfield County, CT. , and working as a Senior Designer at Bakes & Kropp in Manhattan , NY located in the famed New York Design Center. We offer our clients Interior Kitchen Design created by their lifestyle.

Over a decade of Interior Design experience + successful projects. This is my Journal of Design. 

A well-designed space makes you feel good, and yet so

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Family Room Photos, Home Design Ideas, Decorating and Remodeling Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design

  • Blu Dot Shale 2 Drawer / 2 Door

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  • Brownstone Furniture Lina Bench

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  • Brownstone Furniture Nelson
    Round Leather Ottoman

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  • Large Blue Acrylic on Canvas

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  • Sofa Cleaning

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  • (1) Blu Dot Flume Swoval Coffee

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  • (1) Baccarat Camel Leather Club

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  • (1) Portobello High Back Camel
    Leather Chair

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    Rafeeg Home interior Design, kitchen and bedroom decor

    Home is not a place but a feeling, that’s why you have to
    consider redesigning your home interior. As they say, “Life takes you to
    unexpected places. Love brings you home.” Imagine if your interior is
    stopping you from loving your home, what will bring you back?

    I will take you on a journey from choosing your style, the
    designer, to the execution of your home interior design and decor. This will be
    done through the help of the Rafeeg App, which was created to enhance the
    homeowner’s experience.

    What is Rafeeg App?

    Rafeeg is an online marketplace that connects

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    Small living room and kitchen design combo ideas

    Combination design is one of the most useful ways to maximize the space of a small house. It recognizes the facts that most spaces are only used in certain times, which creates a lot of idle time for that particular time. By combining 2 functions, such as a living room and a kitchen, the usage time of a space increases dramatically. This concept is particularly useful for small houses as it means that one common space can be used for multiple functions, thus making it unnecessary to have the necessary floor space to cater to all functions at once.


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    The Kitchen and Family Room Combo Popular with Active Adults

    Kitchens were once hidden the back of the house. Now, the kitchen has become the centerpiece of many new homes.

    A century ago, kitchens were relegated to the back of the house. A kitchen far removed from the social areas of the home was a sign of affluence. Yet today, many Americans recognize the kitchen as the true heart of family gatherings and design the room accordingly.

    A recent study by the Electrolux group found that kitchens are being used for much more than food preparation. Nearly nine in 10 Americans (86%) are involved in some sort of activity in

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    Interior Design, Home Decor, Office, Kitchen, DIY, Garden, Vastu, Furniture Ideas at My Decorative

    14th Apr

    We might not be aware but colors generally bring an impact to a person’s mood. And how you choose the color of your kitchen affects your mood as well. Apart from that, it creates a style that reflects your personality. Here are some of the elegant and stylish kitchen color schemes that you will love forever:

    13th Apr

    Ways To Avoid Spring Pest Invasion In Your Home

    Spring is coming soon! For many, this time of the year implies warm temperatures, short sleeves, and blooming flowers. Sadly, this often signals the emergence of certain unpleasant pests thus the need for pest control measures. Latent creatures arise tired,

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    38 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas for 2020

    There’s just something so inviting about the soul-calming appeal of a country style kitchen! Farmhouse kitchen design tugs at the heart as it lures the senses with elements of an earlier, simpler time. Neutral tones lend a sense of peace to the atmosphere.

    How to Restyle Your Kitchen with Contemporary Farmhouse Flair

    Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

    Old-fashioned wooden tools invite cooks to slow down and create wholesome meals from scratch. Handmade baskets and decorations call to mind a culture of craftsmanship. Vintage artifacts pay homage to beloved relatives and commemorate family history. The farmhouse table, often distressed and encircled by a mismatched collection of

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    Updates and decorating (finally!) in the family room + kitchen

    Our house is not done. We have so much more to do with it, so many ideas and plans and sometimes it can feel a little frustrating to have the vision, but have to wait to bring it all to reality.

    I do my very best to look around and see all the things we have done, to remember where we were just 10 months earlier, to be grateful for this big, wonderful house with its big, beautiful yard. But, ugh, sometimes I can feel a little impatient and a touch envious of all the pretty, finished homes out

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    How We Styled Our Family Room and Kitchen to Sell

    Well, our first home now belongs to someone else (a VERY lovely family). As you guessed it went really quickly and yes, they bought 80% of the furniture and accessories (very little art or one of a kind accessories that I couldn’t part with). But before we sold it we staged it to sell (and created this video series!!!) which meant for this room, that we really designed it for the very first time.

    When we bought it, it looked like this:

    Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Staging_For Sale_Curbed_Before Move In_Grid_1

    We did a lot of updating to it through the years, and even shot it for a few

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    Kitchen, Bathroom & Exterior Remodeling in Georgia (GA)

    When you are looking for quality, dependable, affordable home remodeling and handyman services, look to AK Remodeling & Design Services, your neighborhood home repair and remodeling experts. With certified and experienced professionals at your service, we’re committed to providing Georgia (GA) with custom home improvement solutions that fit every budget. Whether you need an important home repair, cosmetic fix, or are ready to remodel your living space, we can help.

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience with us. Your home is part of our community, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for

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