Andersen Windows Expands Product Portfolio Creating More Options for Contemporary Design and Indoor/Outdoor Living

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BAYPORT, Minn., Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Andersen Windows is launching three extensions to products in its broad portfolio, furthering contemporary design and supplementing products to make indoor/outdoor living accessible to those in virtually any climate.

“We continue to see the rise in contemporary design with emphasis on products that offer customization options to help homeowners further express their home’s unique design. These three new products from Andersen enable further personalization of the spaces people call home and create additional

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Contemporary vs. Modern Design: A Deeper Understanding

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Having a stellar interior décor that’s to die for is each person’s dream. There are numerous options to select from, and thus you’ll never run out of options. However, there’s often a pickle when it comes to differentiating modern and contemporary home designs. To most people, these two are somewhat the same, but, in reality, that isn’t the case. There’s a thin line between contemporary and modern designs

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Contemporary Exterior Design Ideas, Inspiration & Images

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  • Client Kv Noushad.

    Style Colonial

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Coffered Ceilings in 15 Contemporary Living Rooms

While most of us are occupied in decorating our living rooms, we oftentimes disregard the ceiling. But what we do not know is that it can actually add a different twist to a room’s appeal especially if you have coffered ceilings in it. Coffer or coffering refers to a sunken panel in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling. A series of these panels are added to the ceiling using wood or even other materials.

Coffered ceiling is the most common design for decorative ceiling. If you think that they just like the same all the

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16 Elegant Contemporary Living Rooms

Since the living room is your home’s so-called “receiving area”, the impression it gives to your guests and even your satisfaction of how it looks would matter a lot. There are those designs in trend and there are still those designs that we want fulfilled in our dream house. With so many things to consider, it is helpful to check out designs to finally get into what’s best for a living room. One of those elite choices could be Contemporary-Themed Living Rooms.

In today’s collection, we showcase a couple of Elegantly Cool Designs of Contemporary Living Rooms to take

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Brighten up your home with some indoor greenery. These nine plants will thrive in many environments, and with little care.

Easy indoor plants you can buy online

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When you sign up for service with an internet provider, you’re usually provided minimum download speeds that support your online activities. You’ll often pay more for higher speeds, so it’s important to know if you’re getting what you’re paying for and if any factors are slowing it down. To do…

Test your internet speed: 3 key numbers to understand

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A home security system is your

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Contemporary Design Group – Home

Top 10 Reasons to shop with
Contemporary Design Group Member Retailer

We provide superior customer service every step of the way, from design to delivery.  
We’re local, independent, and active members of your community.  
Our designers are not only talented, but they’re also professionals.  Many are graduates of top design schools and ASID accredited. 
Our dedicated buyers shop ’till they drop.  We never stop searching for the most unique and high quality designs for your home.
We offer several exclusive Contemporary Design Group products that you can’t find anywhere else.
We negotiate great prices from our manufacturers and pass the

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Cozy and contemporary family room

A resourceful designer with a knack for all things DIY creates a cozy and contemporary space for her family of four.

For the design inclined, recognizing beautiful pieces is easy enough, but the real decorating challenge comes from knowing how to fit all the elements together in a harmonious way. Designer Sarah Walker has this down to a science. Last year, the reno expert transformed her Oakville, Ont., home’s uninspiring family room into a sophisticated space boasting symmetry and style. “I wanted a modern yet classic room that balances the masculine and feminine qualities of our family,” she says, referring

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50+ Contemporary House Exterior Design Principles

Contemporary House Exterior

The exterior of your home is not only the face of your house you show to the world but also the interface between the outside world and the private world of your indoor living space. When thinking about a contemporary house exterior the design principles to follow are predominantly modern in character; sharply angular windows and roof lines are typical, large windows to let natural light pour into the living space are common and restrained use of planting and lighting are preferred. Depending on which face of the property exterior you are working on, the design serves

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Private Label Fabrics

   Why settle for the limited selections of
fabrics other stores offer.
Now, for the first time, The Contemporary
Couch offers its exclusive line of private
label fabrics. Unlimited choices,
unlimited coordinations.
Enjoy the video, and please stop in soon
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Our New Window:

Whether it's just the right pillow coordinates, unique color ranges, textural choices and even beautiful metallics, we believe our fabric collection is the best in the country.

Many homes today feature open floor plans for the dining and living area. Our oval carrera marble dining table imported from Italy is surrounded by tall back chairs covered in the bold grey and yellow boxed print. The others

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20 Stunning Contemporary Family Room Designs For The Best Relaxation

Not so long ago, we have explained the importance and the actual meaning of a family room in our collection of 15 Timeless Traditional Family Room Designs Your Family Will Enjoy with timeless classic designs of family rooms from traditional residences that have set a standard for the other styles that a home can be built in.
But nowadays there are a couple of other styles that are more popular within the new homeowners, so that is why we feel like we need to show you how a contemporary family room should look like. Of course, everyone has their own

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The Contemporary Couch Design Studio featuring artistic interior design by Pia Cyrulnik.

Pia’s innovative and artistic talents have been thrilling clients for 25 years.

Pia thanks you!“Thank you so much for welcoming me into your homes and lives for over 25 years!”

Handmade American and Italian furniture for every room in your home

Exclusive fabric and leather furniture coordinations


Website featuring over 2,000 homes and 300 reviews

Complimentary, professional interior design

Handmade sculptures and window cornices


Some of our recent deliveries!

Custom Wall Unit

Custom Wall Unit

Just Delivered November 2019!   Edgewater, NJ


From a client, a friend and a dedicated public servant:

Clients Own

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Contemporary Style Interior Design | LoveToKnow

Clean, smooth surfaces, and an uncluttered appearance characterize contemporary style interior design. The modern look is a world away from the fussy interiors beloved of our ancestors, but contemporary design doesn’t have to mean a home you’re afraid to live in.

The Basics of Contemporary Style Interior Design

While modern style is as rich and varied as its traditional counterpart, there are a few things that most contemporary styled homes have in common:


Forget clashing patterns and garish patterns: contemporary homes are characterized by their cool, muted color palettes, featuring a lot of whites, creams, and darker

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21 Contemporary Exterior Design Inspiration

We mostly talk about the interiors when we talk about house design and the lifestyle of the people living in the house. But, it is the exterior that marks the first impressions and then the interior. An exterior designer fills in the gap of expertise between an interior designer and a landscaper. If you get a good exterior designer, they can help you find all the companies or resources you need to find the right look for your house. For example, they may know that the WDR Roofing Company is able to install the style of roof you would like

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Modern Home Decor, Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Your favorite lake is printed on a tray, how cool is that? Coastal and Lake Art Serving Tray features 3D topographically lake print, it would look really cool when your serve food or drinks to your guests with this tray. Look at pretty river, you can always remember the beauty when you look at this tray, that gentle waves on your skin, the cool water touch to your body. Your water heaven is now topographically mapped in 3D on this serving tray. It features stained turquoise blue, where contours are laser cut, and the light brown lines trace familiar roads,

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35+ Exciting Contemporary Traditional Exterior Design Ideas

Do you feel bored with the exterior design of your home? Don’t have enough references to choose the right exterior design? Don’t worry. You might get inspired after reading a few simple exterior design tips and tricks below.

This simple exterior design is perfect for those of you who like simplicity, but can still enjoy life in peace and comfortable home. This design was created for 4-5 family members and also 1 or 2 vehicles.

This one-story building can design with several well-known home concepts such as classic design, modern, rustic, or whatever. That way, the application of the exterior

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Modern Contemporary House Exterior Design Ideas

House is a place where we live together, have lots of happiness and the family shares each moment of life to each other. The beautiful designing of the house makes the building appears as a home. But only the decoration of the indoor areas is not enough. Renovating the outdoor and the exterior of the house plays an important role as the man’s dressing. To make your modern houses look attractive, it is essential to use these contemporary design ideas of exterior adornments. These captivating design plans are ready to serve the two-story house, one-story building as well as the

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Contemporary Yet Timeless Exterior Design | Mosby Building Arts | Right Bath

In remodeling, it’s important to strike a balance between past trends, what’s trending at the moment and what will look good in the future. When updating your home’s exterior there are many things a homeowner can do to improve curb appeal. A recent trend in exterior remodeling is incorporating natural materials and elements to achieve a goal of contemporary yet timeless design.  Natural materials would generally consist of wood, stone, brick and their lookalikes.  Using these materials will add a feeling of stability and calmness to your home’s exterior.

For instance, using rough cut wooden beams (above) provides a rustic

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71 Contemporary Exterior Design Photos

I’ve seen a lot of homeowners emphasize their contemporary home design and maximize their living room. Well, to break the common assumption, the contemporary design is actually starting from the exterior. You can see examples of luxury elegant contemporary look on this home site from West Vancouver.

The concept of the contemporary exterior is considered as modern design in architectural focuses. This is the idea of the trendiest matter. But it is possible to add older elements as far as they are suitable for all times. The important point is that the design should be based on the purpose.


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