Kim Kardashian & Kanye West reveal outrageous living room feature

Bridie Wilkins

Kim Kardashian has unveiled one of the most outrageous celebrity home features in her living room with Kanye West: a slide.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram as she gave fans a tour of the property after decorating for Halloween, but it was the slide that caught our attention.

SEE: Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s £16million mansion

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2020 Audi Q7 Review, Pricing, and Specs


If you’re shopping for a three-row luxury SUV to haul the family around and occasionally enjoy a twisty back road, the 2020 Audi Q7 is one such SUV we’re happy to recommend. Although the 2020 model has received several updates this year, it’s still the athletic and upscale SUV that made our 10Best Trucks and SUVs list for 2017, 2018, and 2019. A turbocharged V-6 engine makes 335 horsepower, which is routed to all four wheels via Audi’s signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Inside, occupants are treated to a meticulously assembled interior with plenty of technology features, including not one,

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City eyes modern bike-ped facilities in Mullan area transportation plans

MISSOULA — Elements of a transportation grid planned for the Mullan area could see construction begin as early as next summer, and advocates for bicycle and pedestrian facilities are watching closely to ensure their needs are included in the final design.

Ben Weiss, a senior planner with the city’s bicycle and pedestrian program, said he’s pleased with the process thus far and believes it will include state-of-the art facilities to boost multi-modal transportation.

“This project is moving along very quickly,” he said. “They’re at 60% design right now. The way it’s going, they’re trying to get these designs as quickly

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This Home Office Desk Has Over 3,800 5-Star Reviews on Amazon


Computer Desk



If you’re still working from home and using your dining room table, kitchen table, or your lap as your makeshift desk, we have a better suggestion: This minimalist desk that’s available to purchase on Amazon. The best part? It’s on sale right now.

The CubiCubi computer desk features a metal frame and iron struts. So not only is it minimalist, but it’s also sturdy. For added convenience, there’s a storage bag that attaches to the side of the desk. On the opposite side of the desk, there’s a hook that you can use to

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Hotels see business from marketing exterior corridors

REPORT FROM THE U.S.—Cleanliness is always important in the hotel industry.

With the spread of the coronavirus, being germ-free and having more open windows and less closed-in spaces are elevating exterior-corridor properties above their competition. And as hoteliers fight for their share of fewer travel dollars, they need any and all ammunition in their corner to bring in guests.

“Exterior-corridor hotels have a situational advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic, by giving the guest the ability to reduce touchpoints, avoid elevator rides, and be a more self-contained traveler,” said David Sangree, president of Hotel & Leisure Advisors.

In addition, exterior-corridor hotels

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The best hotels in Edinburgh

Amazing architecture, world-class museums and galleries, hip bars and restaurants, excellent shopping and a really big castle; there are SO many reasons why Edinburgh is weekend-break gold. But where to stay? As you’d expect from a city this cool, its hotels range from boutique retreats to grand, luxurious options, plus a wide range of places in between. Here’s our pick of the best hotels in Edinburgh, whether you’re after a night in a sexy suite or aparthotel with friends.


Best Edinburgh hotels – Eden Locke

This on-trend aparthotel lies in an impressive Georgian building in the heart of Edinburgh’s

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Prince Charles releases The Modern Artisan fashion collection

Prince Charles has released his sustainable fashion collection, and royals fans can get their hands on the styles he’s helped design right now!

The Modern Artisan is part of a partnership between the Prince of Wales and his charity, The Prince’s Foundation, and YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group. The 18-piece line celebrates the skills and craftsmanship of British and Italian artisans and sustainable practices. It is about paying tribute to traditional skills and developing the next generation of designers while harnessing the power of data – hence the name of “modern artisan.”

a man that is standing in the grass

© Provided by Hello!

Prince Charles and YOOX

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The spectacular comeback of the bookshelf

Photo for illustrative purposes
Image Credit: Pixels

Bookshelves are having a moment.

Not long ago, their epitaph was being written. IKEA’s redesign of its Billy unit to accommodate objects other than books was cited as evidence that we had turned the page on possessing print.

Now, that story has a sequel.

Self-isolation has people rediscovering the value of having hardcovers at home. In addition, television networks’ shift to interviews via Skype, rather than in a studio, is revealing the bookcase backdrops of pundits, news anchors and celebrities at home. That domestic exposure sparked a social media conversation about literary decor.

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10 New Trends in Multifamily Housing Design


OZ Architecture’s Nate Jenkins helps us imagine the new design details that will allow apartment, condo, and loft dwellers to live (and work) safely and comfortably in high-density spaces in the years to come.


In the realm of multifamily residential buildings—where Denver design firm OZ Architecture shines—adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Growing family plants roots in remodeled Victorian farmhouse in Kirkwood | Home & Garden

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Inside Queen Elizabeth II’s Private Home at Sandringham Castle

A Look at all of the Queen’s Homes



Sandringham Castle has long been the beloved private country home of Queen Elizabeth II. From its tidal mudflats and fruit farms to the the famous museum and gardens, Sandringham is a versatile estate that has seen many a royal occasion, but it’s perhaps best known as the home where the Windsors spend their Christmases. Below, a look at the history of this ancient English castle—and how to visit the landmark.

a group of people sitting on a bench: The Queen with her children in the drawing room at Sandringham.

© Hulton Archive – Getty Images
The Queen with her children in the drawing room at Sandringham.

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Eight Aromatic Oil Burners, Diffusers and Incense-Holders

Just like decor and music, fragrance can enhance how we experience a space and how we remember it. Add a new dimension to your interiors with these stylish and functional pieces – each one is designed to complement the look and feel of your home, both visually and fragrantly.

Henry Wilson for Aesop brass oil burner – $195

This handsome one-kilo oil burner was the first homewares product Aesop created – a collaboration between two innovators in their respective fields. The luxe, respected Australian skincare brand invited long-time collaborator and trendsetting product and lighting designer Henry Wilson to develop a

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Passive house design: A key to sustainable community building

A vibrant community, Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood is taking bold steps to counteract decades of divestment that have resulted in vacant properties, dangerous pedestrian corridors, and the poor air quality that comes with being treated as a pass-through neighborhood between the city’s largest employment centers. It’s a familiar experience, one shared by many communities across the country. But Uptown is developing an innovative approach to forging a better future.

For many neighborhoods like Uptown, investment is needed to improve the safety and environmental quality of its streets and buildings, but too often investment means higher rents, services designed for newer, wealthier

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Enjoying a merry minimalist Christmas | Living

After spending nearly $2,000 in gifts for her daughter’s first Christmas in 2017, Meg Nordmann knew her holiday strategy had to change.

“I totally blew it that first Christmas with her,” says the Florida-based author of “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas.” “I bought everything this child needed through the first five years of her life.”

Today, she is more intentional with holiday spending – a staple of the minimalist lifestyle she adopted. Minimalism eliminates distractions to free up room, time or money to do what you value. In Nordmann’s case, she avoids unnecessary spending to stay on course toward reaching

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Why This Modern Kitchen Is the Perfect Fit For This Historic Home


The client’s request turned out to be a challenge: fill the kitchen with modern amenities and make it look like they’ve always been in the 1880 home, a mix of Victorian and Queen Anne styles.

Brian Polster, founder of the design and build firm THREE SIXTY, brought expertise to this project from rehabbing old commercial spaces such as Café Benelux, where the goal was also to “hold onto the character of the old.”

This East Side kitchen was gutted, keeping only the original floors. The existing quarter-sawn, white-oak flooring was

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The 7 Best Outdoor Lanterns

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party or planning a camping trip, the right lighting is crucial. Using lanterns as decor pieces can elevate your space instantly, and having a trusted light source to illuminate your path is also key to prevent stumbling in the dark. The best outdoor lanterns are designed with enough lumens for your purposes and meet strict weatherproofing standards.

The number of lumens — which is the measure of visible light — for outdoor lighting will vary, depending on whether you’re relying on it for decorative purposes or to light your yard. Generally speaking, a lantern

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This Colorful Family Home Has a Wine Closet, Two Offices, and a Laundry Room With Custom Cat Houses!


Photo credit: Thomas Kuoh
Photo credit: Thomas Kuoh

From House Beautiful

Though it may be a dream to live in a museum-quality house, let’s face it: Who really wants to live in a museum? That was the precise conundrum Studio Munroe’s Emilie Munroe faced while creating the perfect home for a family that was blessedly open to design statements, sell your home as is but also wanting to live comfortably. “We wanted each room to be layered and textural with conversation pieces throughout, but nothing overly precious or controlled,” Munroe tells House Beautiful. “This is a home for active, fun-loving people who

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These 75 Christmas Decorating Ideas Are Seasonal Yet Oh So Stylish

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5 minimalist tips to make the holidays more affordable | Travel

They also trade off on buying gifts for each other’s kids. Becker’s teens have learned to expect gifts that include one thing they need, one thing they want and a shared family experience.

Marion Haberman, a YouTuber at the channel My Jewish Mommy Life, and her extended family have a strategy that doesn’t require a multiperson gift exchange with several people over eight nights of Hanukkah.

“We only do gifts for the kids — nieces, nephews, grandchildren — for their birthdays,” she says. “In our home, we do one present for each kid for each night.”

3. Craft your gift-giving

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Peek inside these hot Houston modern homes in new virtual tour

As fall ushers in cooler temperatures, Houstonians flock to home shows and tours to check out the latest in design, architecture, and decorating. One popular local draw is the annual Houston Modern Home Tour, now in its 10th year. But as many events this pandemic year, the tour, put on by the Modern Architecture + Design Society (MA + DS) is going virtual on Sunday, November 1.

A curated selection of Houston homes will be showcased using 3D imaging, while the host and project architect  (or designer or builder) discuss the details of the home. Questions will

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