Interior Designers Name the 20 Best New Home Design Trends of 2020

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From pristine white kitchen cabinets to shiplap-covered walls, it feels like the same design ideas have been showing up everywhere from the pages of magazines to the shelves of your local big-box stores these past few years. But with a new decade upon us, there are a host of new […]


From pristine white kitchen cabinets to shiplap-covered walls, it feels like the same design ideas have been showing up everywhere from the pages of magazines to the shelves of your local big-box stores these past few years. But with a new decade upon us, there are a host of new interior design trends on the horizon—and now’s the time to start putting them to use. Want to know the colors, floor plans, and furniture that’ll be cropping up all over your favorite HGTV shows soon? We’ve talked to interior designers to round up the top home design trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020.

round couch against green wall

Geometric furniture—like those gilded hexagonal tables that have been popular over the past decade—is rapidly going out of style. “You will start to notice plenty of arches in furniture and home design,” says interior designer Leanne Ford. From chairs to arched doorways, this trend will be everywhere in 2020.

foyer with french doors and entry bench

Your foyer can sometimes be treated as an afterthought, acting as little more than a place to kick off a pair of muddy boots or hang a coat. However, in 2020, these entryways are finally getting the love they deserve.

By using a foyer as a place to hang art or roll out a beautiful rug, this 2020 trend allows you “to create a space that welcomes visitors with a personal touch,” says Liz Brooks, vice president of sales and marketing at Chicago real estate company Belgravia Group.

modern kitchen with white marble counters
Shutterstock/Jodie Johnson

Those colorful flecked granite counters you’ve been seeing for years will soon be going the way of the dinosaurs. “Today’s buyers want sleek and seamless countertops in light neutral colors that mimic marble,” says Michael Valente, managing partner at Chicago home renovation company Renovation Sells.

glossy white kitchen with black microwave
Shutterstock/Serghei Starus

Matte paint is so 2019. In the new decade, “you will be seeing lots of high gloss,” says designer J. Pickens, host of HGTV’s The Work Around. “It’ll be on walls, on furniture, everywhere.”

black cubic pendant lights with edison bulbs

When it comes to lighting in 2020, the message is clear: go big or go home. “Sculptural pendant lighting is going to be huge,” says Valente, who notes that new fixtures can completely reinvigorate the rooms in your house. “A striking light fixture over the kitchen island can transform the space,” he says.

set of three futuristic whote chairs in yellow living room
Shutterstock/Dumitrescu Ciprian-Florin

Sure, functionality has its place, but 2020 is going to be the year of furniture that could hold its own in any art gallery.

“People will be more creative about seeking out furniture that doubles as art,” explains Kellie Sirna, co-founder and principal at Studio 11 Design in Dallas, Texas. “There will be more interest in functional and sculptural pieces.”

wallpaper book

While wallpaper has never gone out of fashion entirely, we’re sure to see even bolder materials and styles make their way into homes across the country in 2020. Sirna expects to see “textured walls offset by light floors or bright rugs,” noting that “2020 will bring a rise in unexpected design pairings in the home.”

living room with brown couch and earth toned furniture

Those stark white hues that were once the go-to shade for interior designers will give way to a softer palette in 2020.

“Warm neutrals such as bone, champagne, and taupe will be trending,” says Amanda M. Amato-Scotto, CEO and principal designer at AMA Designs & Interiors in Wallington, New Jersey. “They allow for the furnishings, décor, and architectural details to dominate.”

living room with pink couch and ottoman

Good news, millennial pink fans: Your favorite trendy color isn’t going anywhere in 2020—but it is getting some stylish new pairings. “Colors from the ’70s, such as olive and mustard, are mixed with variations of the blush pink that’s been on trend for the past few years,” says designer Misty Molloy of The CoCreative Home.

modern home with wood tables and white chair with wooden arms

Our sincerest apologies to Fixer Upper fans, but we are here to report that rustic wood décor is officially on its way out in 2020. In its place, Molloy says, you’ll be seeing more elegant wood furniture with “sleek finishes and curves instead of the rough-hewn farmhouse look.”

entryway wall with orange floral wallpaper

You don’t have to be into botany to enjoy plenty of plant life at home in 2020. “You’ll see more fabrics with plants,” says Molloy. She notes that leafy designs will be a recurring theme in sculptures, wallpaper, and other home accents in 2020.

modern home with lots of plants

And if the real thing is more your style, worry not: Actual living greenery is in, too. “Moving towards minimalist, natural design, plants are being used increasingly as a design element,” Molloy says.

woman using app to dim lights on smartphone
Shutterstock/Andrey Popov

LED lights are already taking the world by storm, thanks to their longevity and safety compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. However, in 2020, smart technology will make them even better when tunable LEDs become a fixture in homes.

“This lighting mimics the natural light your body needs and what we are meant to experience throughout the day—a bright, cool light in the morning to mirror the sunrise and warm light in the evening to mimic sunset,” explains Amy Mangold, principal architect at Scott Simpson Design + Build in Chicago.

tablet touchpad on kitchen wall

Having an Alexa or Google Home on your kitchen counter is nice, but in 2020, more homes will have those technologies build right in. “People are welcoming the convenience and control smart technology affords them,” says Mangold. “[It’s] dramatically affecting the way people live and we are responding by integrating it into their home’s infrastructure.” Those integrations include ovens that can be preheated via a mobile app and built-in tablets that allow for hands-free visual calls.

brushed metal faucet with white counter
Shutterstock/Matveev Aleksandr

If you’re thinking of buying some new chrome or high-gloss fixtures for your kitchen, you might want to think twice. “We’re seeing a transition from exaggerated design to calming neutrals, such as stone countertops and satin fixtures,” says Ben Creamer, co-founder and managing broker at Downtown Realty Co. in Chicago.

antique chair with wooden back and green fabric

Much like fast fashion, fast furniture is a serious contributor to landfill waste—after all, those particleboard pieces likely aren’t sturdy enough to be handed down to the next generation.

With the major push toward conservation that’s been going on for a number of years, “we will see lots of furniture with innovative and sustainable materials,” says designer Helena Brana, founder of BRANA Designs in Los Angeles. She also expects to see an increased use of second-hand and vintage pieces, as well.

living room with cream couch and wall mural

While solid color walls will still likely be the predominant choice for homes, they’ll soon be accompanied by something a little more exciting than your average accent wall. In 2020, folks will be seeing “more colors, more murals, and more living walls to bring nature indoors,” says Brana.

modern home with blue wall and blue chairs
Shutterstock/Africa Studio

For 2020 Brana also suggests incorporating some bright blue and bright green hues into your home’s interior color-scheme to take advantage of another new trend. Even if you’re not eager to splash your walls with cerulean, just a brightly-colored throw pillow can help you add this trend to your existing space without overwhelming it.

open shelves in white bathroom
Shutterstock/Africa Studio

While closed cabinetry will likely never go away entirely, one of the biggest trends in bathroom design in 2020 will be open shelving. “With open shelving, you can contain the clutter and madness,” says Jim Kabel, president of Case Design/Remodeling in San Jose, California. “It works perfectly for grab-and-go essentials like towels, toilet tissue, and soap.”

gray dining room with clear chairs

Have a ghost chair gathering dust in your basement? It’s time to pull it out of retirement because clear furniture is going to be a huge home design trend in 2020, especially in apartments or homes without a ton of room to spare. “These pieces serve a function, while not visibly taking up a lot or room in smaller spaces,” says Lydia Bass, founder of Fruitful Interiors & Staging in the Atlanta area. And who doesn’t love where fashion meets function?

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