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ID-110 Fundamentals of Interior Design: COURSE     TICKET   DAY              TIME         INSTRUCTORID 110           12455        ONLINE     6/1 – 7/26       A. HeneghanID 110           12400        ONLINE     6/15 – […]

ID-110 Fundamentals of Interior Design:

COURSE     TICKET   DAY              TIME         INSTRUCTOR
ID 110           12455        ONLINE     6/1 – 7/26       A. Heneghan
ID 110           12400        ONLINE     6/15 – 8/9       H. Graves

ID 122 History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings I : 

COURSE     TICKET   DAY              TIME         INSTRUCTOR
ID 122           12600        ONLINE       6/15 – 8/9     M. Curry

How to sign up for the course?

Classes suggested for beginning Interior Design students:

  • ID 112   – BEGINNING DRAFTING FOR INTERIORS (required for many classes)

* Courses satisfy General Education (GE) requirements in the Arts for the Associate Degree. They are offered in both formats: online and on campus.

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Saddleback College offers an interdisciplinary Interior Design Designcurriculum providing multi-level, accredited courses that prepare students with the competencies required to enter the Interior Design profession or transfer to a four-year college or university. The Associate in Science Degree will be awarded after completion of Level II.

Interiors Merchandising – Level I
The Interiors Merchandising level provides the student with a short-term certificate program leading to employment in merchandising or sales.

Interior Design Assistant – Level II
The Interior Design Assistant level meets the educational standardsDesign that can lead to minimum preparation for design certification and employment as a Design Assistant.

Interior Design Professional – Level III
The Interior Design Professional level meets the educational standards leading to employment and certification as a professional Interior Designer.

View our certificates and courses in the College Catalog under Certificates and Degrees – Interior Design or our Spring 2020 Class Schedule

ID 110 Fundamentals of Interior Design
Introductory interiors course covering design elements and principles and color theory. Overview of walls, floors, window coverings, lighting, furniture arrangement, and pattern coordination.

ID 111 Interior Design Studio I
Designed to apply concepts and theories presented in the lecture course, ID 110, Fundamentals of Interior Design. Emphasis is placed on the design process in developing solutions for design projects.

ID 112 Beginning Drafting for Interiors
Application of methods and theory used for architectural drawings, including basic graphics and projections for design and working drawings.

ID 114 Applied Color and Design Theory for Interior Design
Basic color and design theory application utilizing tools, materials, and equipment to develop technical skills applicable to Interior Design and related fields.

ID 115 CAD for Interior Design
Basic skills, techniques, and uses for computer-aided design and drafting.

ID 116 Interior Materials and Products
Analysis, application, and evaluation of products and materials used in interior design.

ID 121 Space Planning
Application of programming, theory, drafting and presentation techniques in residential and commercial space planning.

ID 122 History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings I
Overview of the decorative arts, period furniture and interior architecture from antiquity through the 18th century in Europe.

ID 123 Interior Design Illustration
Application of the methods, techniques, and tools used for illustrating interior spaces and products.

ID 125 History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings II
Overview of the decorative arts, period furniture and interior architecture covering the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and the 17th through 20th centuries in America.

ID 126 Interior Design Studio II
Development, analysis, and application of design concepts to interior environments emphasizing a problem-solving approach.

ID 127 Fundamentals of Lighting
Fundamentals of lighting, design, theory, and application including technical terms, light sources, lighting techniques, codes, and energy-efficiency issues.

ID 128 Business and Professional Practice for Interior Design
Business and professional management of an Interior Design practice including legal issues, project management, and business practices.

ID 129 Interior Design Internship
Supervised and educationally directed internship. Weekly lectures will relate to on-the-job experiences with the academic program. To be taken in the final semester of the program.

ID 131 Digital Visualization for Interior Design
Methods, techniques, and tools for creating digital 3D models, rendered illustrations, and material boards by utilizing a variety of software programs and technologies toward composing effective Interior Design presentations.

ID 132 Codes and Applications for Interior Design
Explores federal, state and local regulations and codes concerning performance, health-safety, and universal design when estimating and preparing specifications for interior materials and products.

ID 133 Rendering and Rapid Visualization for Interior Design
Application of the methods, techniques, and tools used in the rapid illustration of interior spaces and products.

ID 134 Advanced CAD for Interior Design
Develops proficiency and skills in 2D and 3D computer-aided design and drafting for Interior Design applications.

ID 214 Bath Design
Analysis and application of the design process to the space planning, materials and finish specifications, codes application, and selection of specialized equipment unique to the planning of bath spaces.

ID 215 Kitchen Design
Analysis and application of the design process to the space planning, materials and finish specifications, codes application, and selection of specialized equipment unique to the planning of kitchen spaces.

CWE 180 Co-Op-Ed Interior Design
Hands-on experience as an Interior Design Assistant to an Interior Design Professional in order to develop specific and individual design skills pertinent to the Interior Design field.

Employment Opportunities:

Interiors Merchandiser
Interior Design Assistant in Residential/Commercial  Design
Professional Interior Designer
Kitchen & Bath Designer
Model Home Designer
Hospitality Designer
Computer-Aided Design Specialist
Design Journalist
Color or Lighting Specialist
Historic Preservation Specialist
Manufacturer’s Sales Representative

Graduate Employment:

Our graduates work in various design-related firms specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial interior design such as model home design, hotel, and restaurant design, home remodeling, kitchen and bath design, design showrooms, and many others. The company examples are below. Many graduates also go on to be sole proprietors of their own design companies after working professionally in the field. 

Hatch Design Group (Hospitality Design)
CDC Designs (Model Home Design)
Sea Pointe Construction  (Design-Build Kitchen & Bath Remodeling)
Burgin Design Remodel (Design-Build Kitchen & Bath Remodeling)
Michael Fullen Design Group (Residential Design) 
Design Focus (Residential and Commercial Design Firm) 
Restoration Hardware Interior Design (Design Gallery and Service)
Design Within Reach (Design Showroom)
West Coast Living (Thomasville Furniture)
and many more…

For more information, please contact our staff below.

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