35 Most Popular Transitional Living Rooms Design Ideas

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TRANSITIONAL LIVING ROOM DESIGN IDEAS – The transitional design is a smoking hot trend these days. The term refers to combination of traditional and modern elements and resulting in cohesive design. There are more and more people who want to blur the line and simply merge the traditional elements with […]

TRANSITIONAL LIVING ROOM DESIGN IDEAS – The transitional design is a smoking hot trend these days. The term refers to combination of traditional and modern elements and resulting in cohesive design. There are more and more people who want to blur the line and simply merge the traditional elements with clean and modern design.

The transitional design offers classy and stylish design without looking too intricate or formal. Such design is mostly requested for living room where you can spend lovely time with your family.

The transitional design is a popular trend among millennial who want to challenge themselves and create their signature design. In general, transitional design is quite simple. It combines the contemporary and traditional design that results in much younger and punchy version of classic design. Since transitional design combines two different styles, there is surely no easy way to start. Fail to combine the traditional and modern design will result in the room looks stuffed.

Some Basic Rules to Pull Off Transitional Living Rooms Design Ideas

Photo by Beechwood Homes

Stay neutral

The first rule on transitional design is to stay with neutral colors. The main aim or transitional design is to evoke the sense of cleanliness and serenity. That is why it is crucial to choose flawless neutral color palate. The neutral color also allows furniture to take center stage with its sleek edges and lines.

The recommendation of neutral colors for transitional design includes taupe, cream, and tan with dark brown for some areas to enhance the neutral colors. Another option is baby blue or white if you want brighter and airy feels of the room.

Stay minimalist

Even though transitional design combines traditional and contemporary design, but it is always important to stay minimalist. This means choose the design and furniture wisely. The contemporary aspect in transitional design is minimalism. There is no need to overload the room with décor and furniture of any kind. So, you need to carefully choose ornamentation, fabrication, and such thing. Obviously, you do not want to confuse the eye with too many stuff in the room.

Wisely choose furniture

The transitional design in general has the mix of curves and lines. The furniture in the living room does not necessarily to get uniform, but each item should complement each other. For example, you can mix the traditional fireplace as the traditional style with a room with wide windows as the modern counterpart.

Do not afraid of texture, pattern and shape

Another aspect of transitional design is the combination of texture, pattern, and shape. The traditional design usually includes rectangle and square furnishing, but you can mix it with various shape of contemporary furnishing. Also, you can experiment with various fabrics with different textures such as leather, suede, or chenille. You can use the fabrics for the couch or flooring.

Add statement art

Even though the main rule for transitional design is to stick to neutral colors, but you can also add statement art for a pop of color. In general, the 60 percent of the color on the room is on the walls, 30 percent is on furniture and upholstery, and another 10 percent is in piece of artwork, accent furniture, or floral arrangement.

You can make the 10 percent color option in the room as statement art in bright color such as red, bright blue, yellow, or orange. The statement art will definitely brighten the room which full of neutral color.

Transitional Living Room Design Ideas

Photo by Amy Kartheiser Design

The rules of transitional design are not that complicated. You can easily pull your creativity and translate it into a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary. Here are some transitional room design ideas for quick inspiration.

Furnishing mix and match

The simple way to pull off transitional design is to mix the furnishing of two styles. The traditional furniture tends to have large size and intricate pattern, but you can balance it with sleek and more streamlined furniture.

Colorful accessories

Do not get too strict with the neutral color rule. You can also have fun with colourful accessories to brighten the room. You can add bright color for the curtain, upholstery, and other accessories to balance the neutral color.

Pop of lighting

If you are a big fan of traditional chandelier, you can also add it transitional design. Lighting has a great impact for the room and quickly become the focal point.

Cushion galore

one of the traditional design elements is cushion in double amount. When you are thinking of transitional design, make sure you scatter cushions all over the couch. To balance with the contemporary design, choose the pattern, fabrics, and color to brighten the room.

Metallic touch

Metallic element is such a trendy look for any design. You can add touch of gold, copper, or silver in some part of the house such as lighting, side tables, and such. For a more contemporary look, you can choose metal finish or combination of metallic finish.

Classic wooden furniture

Wood furniture has always been an important feature in traditional style. You can incorporate wooden furniture such as dresser, dining table, and such to complete the traditional touch.

Traditional statement piece

If you do not want to use large traditional furniture, you can just simply put traditional statement piece. It can be a mirror, dressers, tables, or such and make it as traditional statement piece. You can also reupholster classic piece to highlight the features.

Carpet and rugs

carpet and rugs surely remind you with grandma’s house. It is indeed an important element in traditional style. Unless you are going to make the carpet as focal point, you may want to choose neutral color. But, you can have fun with pattern and texture of different carpet and rugs to enhance the traditional style.

Contemporary art

Transitional design mainly focus on accents and details which creates interior shift from traditional to contemporary. Choose your favourite contemporary art as a focal point, but make sure not to overdo the design. It is still best to stay in minimalist design.

Most Popular Transitional Living Rooms Design Ideas

1. Ashton Heights Renovation

Photo by WINN Design+Build

2. Johnson Cove

Photo by Vernich Interiors

3. Everett Model – Mills Farm

Photo by Angela Arnone-Orel,

4. Bohemian Glam Living room

Photo by Kristen Wall, a Smith & Noble In-Home Designer

5. Living Room

Photo by Amy Kartheiser Design

6. Downtown Residence

Photo by Ridgeline Construction Group, Inc

7. New French Country

Photo by Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

8. RG Custom Home, New Hope,PA

Photo by OMNIA Group Architects

9. Cat Mountain Residence

Photo by Cornerstone Architects

10. The Bryant Back Bay

Photo by Elms Interior Design

11. Wayzata Dream Home Great Room

Photo by DESIGNS! – Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

12. Avon Hill

Photo by Found Design Studio

13. Bettendorf, Iowa

Photo by Bettendorf, Iowa – Jennifer Home (by Windmiller Design)

14. Live Oak

Photo by Fiorella Design

15. Palisades New Build

Photo by M.S. Vicas Interiors

16. Northside EcoMod

Photo by EcoCraft Homes

17. Country Pointe Plainview

Photo by Beechwood Homes

18. Los Angeles Elegance

Photo by Christine Kimberlee Designs

19. The Bryant Back Bay

Photo by Elms Interior Design

20. Trails at Arbor Hills

Photo by Gehan Homes

21. Wayzata Dream Home Great Room 2

Photo by DESIGNS! – Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

22. Pheaseant

Photo by BA Staging & Interiors

23. Shelter Island

Photo by Nexus Designs

24. The Jackson II at Woodhall

Photo by Stanley Martin Homes

25. Transitional Living Room

26. Ashton Heights Renovation 2

Photo by WINN Design+Build

27. Fully Renovated Greenwich Condo

Photo by The Robin Kencel Group

28. Dupont Circle Renovation

Photo by Giammarino and Dworkin

29. Clairborne Model

Photo by Pizzazz Interiors II LLC

30. Cherry Hills

Photo by Exquisite Kitchen Design

31. Cat Mountain Residence

Photo by Cornerstone Architects

32. Andersen Windows & Doors Inspiration Gallery

Photo by Arrow Building Center

33. Madison Avenue Townhouse

Photo by Olympia Lettry-VauBan Interiors

34. Modern Bay Area Home

Photo by Will Wick

35. Fireplaces

Photo by Fireplaces

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