Inside Queen Elizabeth II’s Private Home at Sandringham Castle

A Look at all of the Queen’s Homes



Sandringham Castle has long been the beloved private country home of Queen Elizabeth II. From its tidal mudflats and fruit farms to the the famous museum and gardens, Sandringham is a versatile estate that has seen many a royal occasion, but it’s perhaps best known as the home where the Windsors spend their Christmases. Below, a look at the history of this ancient English castle—and how to visit the landmark.

a group of people sitting on a bench: The Queen with her children in the drawing room at Sandringham.

© Hulton Archive – Getty Images
The Queen with her children in the drawing room at Sandringham.

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Eight Aromatic Oil Burners, Diffusers and Incense-Holders

Just like decor and music, fragrance can enhance how we experience a space and how we remember it. Add a new dimension to your interiors with these stylish and functional pieces – each one is designed to complement the look and feel of your home, both visually and fragrantly.

Henry Wilson for Aesop brass oil burner – $195

This handsome one-kilo oil burner was the first homewares product Aesop created – a collaboration between two innovators in their respective fields. The luxe, respected Australian skincare brand invited long-time collaborator and trendsetting product and lighting designer Henry Wilson to develop a

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Passive house design: A key to sustainable community building

A vibrant community, Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood is taking bold steps to counteract decades of divestment that have resulted in vacant properties, dangerous pedestrian corridors, and the poor air quality that comes with being treated as a pass-through neighborhood between the city’s largest employment centers. It’s a familiar experience, one shared by many communities across the country. But Uptown is developing an innovative approach to forging a better future.

For many neighborhoods like Uptown, investment is needed to improve the safety and environmental quality of its streets and buildings, but too often investment means higher rents, services designed for newer, wealthier

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Enjoying a merry minimalist Christmas | Living

After spending nearly $2,000 in gifts for her daughter’s first Christmas in 2017, Meg Nordmann knew her holiday strategy had to change.

“I totally blew it that first Christmas with her,” says the Florida-based author of “Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas.” “I bought everything this child needed through the first five years of her life.”

Today, she is more intentional with holiday spending – a staple of the minimalist lifestyle she adopted. Minimalism eliminates distractions to free up room, time or money to do what you value. In Nordmann’s case, she avoids unnecessary spending to stay on course toward reaching

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