The bigger, the better. TSLA (TSLA stock price) won a contract for manufacturing a new battery system in Australia which happens to be larger than the first one.  The project is called ‘Big Tesla Battery’. Initially, the project was to start with the capacity of 100 MW / 129 MW power packs but now Tesla has expanded the capacity to 150 MW / 193.5 MW at the site. It is called ‘Big Tesla Battery’.

The Future Plan

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Roland Sands Design Dakar Build and Racing Collection

Who doesn’t love a classic racing livery? From Gulf’s blue and orange to John Player Special’s black and gold, these designs harken back to the glory days of racing. For us, the red and white “cowboy killer” colorway is right among the most iconic, bringing back memories of Formula 1 and classic desert racing—specifically ’80s Dakar. Celebrating this classic race heritage are both RSD’s recent BMW R1200GS Dakar-themed build, and the matching limited-edition apparel collection from RSD.

a motorcycle parked on the side: The RSD Dakar GS started as a 2008 R1200GS but has been heavily modified to capture the spirit of the 1986 BMW R80 G/S Paris Dakar racebike.

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The RSD Dakar GS started as a 2008 R1200GS but has been heavily modified to capture the spirit

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NZXT’s new Z490 motherboard perfectly compliments its elegant cases

NZXT introduced a new Z490 motherboard, which includes a shield covering the entire PCB and gives it a minimalist look. It’s the perfect compliment to NZXT’s minimalist case designs.


The N7 Z490 is a relatively simple Z490 motherboard. NZXT said it built the board “for builders.” It emphasized that it optimized the location of ports and connectors to simplify assembly. The N7 Z490 doesn’t come packed with the bells and whistles we often see on modern boards. It offers Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth V5.1, and RBG lighting headers that you can control with NXZT CAM

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Fantastic Container House, Design Inspired by Creative Thinking

Homebuilders create contemporary homes with containers that are durable and budget-friendly. The modern houses made with shipping containers look contemporary and innovative, offering unique, affordable, and comfortable residences. First-time homebuilders Zack and Brie Smithey triumphed against the odds to create a metal masterpiece of the container home, bringing them a mortgage-free life.

A different perspective leads to innovative solutions. The Smitheys tackled their project differently, took on almost all of the work themselves, from the design to construction. If you love inventing things and figuring things out, this modern house is a true inspiration for you. Experimenting with unconventional materials

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Former Milly Designer Michelle Smith Has a New Line, and a New Life

The wind was whipping around a makeshift outdoor SoulCycle studio at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards the other day, but the fashion designer Michelle Smith pulled off her “Legalize Equality” sweatshirt, baring toned limbs. She was hot. For the second time that day, she was front row and center in a spin class taught by her girlfriend, the platinum-haired star instructor Stacey Griffith.

“You are the pebble, you are the water, you are the ripple,” Ms. Griffith said into a headset, as tourists gawked and snapped pictures and Ms. Smith pedaled diligently.

The power couple had more glamorous outings before the pandemic

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