Your design tells a story

Every hospital tells a story. No, not the ones about your clients, pets, and coworkers that you share over dinner. We’re talking about the story that the look and feel of your physical practice tells about the quality of medicine you provide, your atmosphere, your personality, and your attention to detail.

Bulger Veterinary Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts, tells a tale of high-tech, high quality medicine, as read in the modern lines and features of the brand-new facility.

When the dvm360® Hospital Design Competition judges read Bulger Veterinary Hospital’s riveting story, they agreed it was a “bestseller” and awarded the hospital

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Take a look at a minimalist, transitional five-bedroom Dallas home in Midway Hollow

This minimalist and transitional home in Midway Hollow was built by Chris Sandlin Homes, a fourth-generation builder who has worked 13 years in the D-FW area. The home at 3842 Dunhaven is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom and one half-bathroom property with a black-and-white color palette and minimalist details.

With his background in custom building, Sandlin has had clients who will buy his spec homes before they’re completed so they can get in on the design and customize the home without the legwork of building an entire home from the ground up.

“Somebody could come to me and put their own stamp

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