Designer Tips for Quick Home Updates

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Kitchen Upgrade

Designer: Krista Watterworth Alterman, Krista + Home

For more than 17 years, Krista Watterworth Alterman has been beautifying residences from her office in Palm Beach Gardens. “The way your home functions changes over time, and you should refresh your home accordingly,” she notes. When it came to one recently constructed house in a gated community, Alterman’s clients didn’t want the home to look brand new, so they made a few minor updates to make it appear a little more lived in. To achieve the same idea, Alterman recommends adding rustic elements such as open

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Luxe Acrylic Accent Chairs For Minimalist Interiors

Acrylic and Lucite (the name brand for acrylic) furniture (alternatively dubbed “ghost” furniture) has been a stylish home decor trend that’s been around since the early 1930s, and most definitely one that never quite seems to ever vanish from the zeitgeist. The clear nature of these pieces makes them the perfect accent pieces to match just about any home decor style and interior design preferences—-it literally goes with just about


. In theory, plastic home furnishing may sound like off-putting, far-less-than-chic material, but this couldn’t be further from the truth—especially when accented with brass and gold-toned details. Accent chairs

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Exterior design: landscaping sets the tone for a home

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Examples of how to incorporate xeriscaping, said Napora, are using gravel, bark mulch, or leaving it open and having soil and plants — with all types of perennials. But he adds that it’s best to have an overall theme such as a Rocky Mountain look with boulders or a Prairie style with grasses as the anchor.

It was about two years ago, said Napora, that Salisbury started receiving a few more phone calls about xeriscaping.

“At that time there was a real reluctance from the developers,” said Napora. “You had to have a full landscape design done

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Xbox One S All-Digital | TechRadar

Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition deals

Microsoft – Xbox One S 1TB…

Microsoft – Xbox One S 1TB…

Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital…

The Xbox One S All-Digital was Microsoft’s first disc-less console, and represented a grand experiment into the future of how we consume film, TV, entertainment and games. We’re using past tense there because, as of July 16 2020, Microsoft will no longer be producing new Xbox One S All-Digital or Xbox One X consoles as it ramps up production for the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

That said, although it’s not in production,

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