How To Reimagine Your Space In the Dallas Design District

The year 2020 has taught us many things. Among them, home is our sanctuary and much more than a place to retreat at the end of a busy day. Home is now where many of us also work, teach, exercise—and decorate and redecorate. Soon enough, our homes will regain their role as a destination for entertaining and welcoming friends and family. Thanks to the Dallas Design District, you’ll be ready. There has never been a better time to elevate your space, whether to repurpose a few rooms or to create a refreshed and updated look. Whatever your design goals, the

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DIY Last-Minute Halloween Decorations That Are Still Full Of Spooky Spirit

So Halloween is… oh my God, is Halloween this weekend? Between the upcoming election, pandemic news, and, you know, 2020 in general, spooky season may have totally snuck up on you this year. Fortunately, there are plenty of last-minute DIY Halloween decorations online that you can recreate at home. Bonus points if you can limit your shopping trips to one store, or even reuse old decorations you already have around the house and give them new life.

There’s no doubt you’ve seen all the hubbub about candy chutes, zip-lines, giant 12-foot-tall skeletons taking over front yards, and inflatable yard decorations

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KITE is a passenger drone concept to connect the greater bay area

conceived by italian designer andrea ponti, ‘KITE’ is a fully-electric, autonomous drone concept to connect china’s greater bay area. developed in response to the restrictions on air travel and tourism experienced in 2020, the passenger drone imagines an alternative mode of transport for life after COVID-19. 

KITE is a passenger drone concept to connect the greater bay area designboom
KITE passing by victoria peak at sunrise
images courtesy of andrea ponti



the greater bay area is a large industrial region in southern china, which includes nine cities and the two special-administrative regions of hong kong and macau. featuring cutting-edge technology and a sophisticated, minimalist design, KITE aims to reflect the spirit of hong

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Hyundai shines light on the manufacturing process of the new i20

Recently Hyundai revealed the design of the all-new Hyundai i20. The company revealed the exterior as well as interiors of the car. Now the South Korean company has revealed what lies underneath and how Hyundai has used materials that will improve the overall safety of the upcoming hatchback.

The all-new i20, according to a statement released by the company, has been “perfected through a prudent use of Industry 4.0 and Automation”. Hyundai claims that this process has allowed a robust and reliable performance for the new car.

The new i20 will feature an extensive application of 66% advanced & high-strength

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Dinner Bell’s home cooking is nostalgia on a plate, with a side of ’50s flair

There is something about queuing up with a tray that makes me terribly nostalgic.

Immediately, I am transported back to the seventh grade, the first time I ever ate in a cafeteria, and I am flooded with memories of steamer trays of gluey macaroni and cheese, slabs of (mystery) meatloaf and watery mashed potatoes served by gruff lunch ladies in perpetually askew hair nets.

I recall being delighted that I was being afforded a choice (albeit a limited one, but still!) in what I had for lunch every day rather than accepting whatever bagged sandwich-and-fruit combo my mother prepared for

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