20+ Colorful Living Rooms to Copy

Table of Contents Bring On the Drama Keep It All in the Family Start With a Favorite Pattern Create a Rhapsody in Blue Add Some Spice Pretty in Purple Cue the Complements Work In Color With Art Make a Splash With Accessories Be Bold (In Small Doses) Embrace Your Inner […]

Bring On the Drama

Keep It All in the Family

The easiest way to showcase several hues without the colors clashing is to select a range of tones that are all in the same family, as designer Sarah Richardson did in this crisp and cool living room. Blues, greens and just a bit of cool gray pair beautifully with the room’s creamy backdrop and upholstery. 

Start With a Favorite Pattern

Create a Rhapsody in Blue

Add Some Spice

Just a few dashes of red are a surefire way to visually warm up an otherwise chilly space (Can you believe this is a basement?!) while adding just the right amount of drama. Designer Sarah Richards turned this underused subterranean space into the family’s favorite hangout with a warm gray color on the walls and upholstery accented by fiery splashes of red throughout. 

Pretty in Purple

Cue the Complements

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel — green/red, orange/blue and purple/yellow — are known as complementary colors. When placed side by side, as the green sofa and red lacquered table are in this Asian-inspired living room, each color seems more saturated and intense by comparison. 

Work In Color With Art

If neutrals are your color of choice, then consider adding a bit more pop with colorful art. Limiting your living room’s color and pattern to a framed piece both helps to draw attention to the art while also making it easy to switch out the colorful accents while keeping the bones of your room the same. 

Make a Splash With Accessories

Be Bold (In Small Doses)

Designer Sarah Richardson deftly ensures this living room’s focal point — the fireplace — remains the center of attention by cladding the overmantel in horizontally striped turquoise wallpaper. If used on all four walls, a pattern this graphic could have easily overwhelmed the space but this small statement feels just right. 

Embrace Your Inner Prep

Like preppy clothing styles that are eternally on-trend, prep’s cheery colors — green, pink and navy blue — are a fail-proof palette that will look equally as classic and buttoned-up in your home.  

Go for the Gold

Buh-bye brushed nickel and patinated bronze, glittering gold is taking center stage. From lighting fixtures to gilded furniture, this hot hue has taken the design world by storm. Even a few small touches — like swapping out your lampshades or working in a few gleaming accessories — will give your home an on-trend update.  

Rock a Globe-Trotting Look

Get Glossy

A glossy finish is a surefire way to make any color feel more glamorous. High-gloss paint is an especially good choice for woodwork or cabinets because its much more resistant to scuff marks or stains. In this polished living room, the sheen serves another purpose: by bouncing the light around, the room feels much brighter. 

Freshen Up With Florals

Tangerine Dream

Nothing says color quite like a playful splash of tangerine against crisp white surroundings. To make these orange accents really stand out, designer Tobi Fairley paired them with a trendy houndstooth fabric pattern and sunburst mirrors to create one daring living room design. 

Poppy on Repeat

Show Your Stripes

Chic and Green

Designer Tobi Fairley’s sophisticated yet playful use of Kelly green stands out through her integration of a simple, neutral backdrop with glints of gold. And if you’re looking for tips on mixing patterns with style, Tobi’s the one to call. Look how she incorporates stripes, graphics and botanicals with ease in this elegant living space.

Treat Your Windows

Breaking Up Gray

Totally on-trend, gray continues to be one of the hottest hues this year, and bonus: it pairs perfectly with almost every color. To add contrast to this neutral, gray living room, designer Brian Patrick Flynn integrated a sleek white coffee table and playful pink accents into the design. Together, the two hues deliver just the right amount of vibrancy to this sophisticated sitting area.

Give Nods to Nature

Hint of Sunshine

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