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Well we’ve reached mid-April. Now that the tax returns have (hopefully) been filed, there should be some time to complete some projects around the house. Once the pollen has been cleared, it’s a great time to complete a few projects around the home. If you don’t even know where to start, here are a few little projects that you can complete in a few hours.

1) Cull through the books and magazines. You can take this one shelf at a time, and at the same time, get some much-needed dusting done as you empty each shelf. Donate books you’ll never read again to Little Free Libraries around the neighborhood. If you’ve been hoarding magazines, there are plenty of art teachers out there who would would love to have them for class. Once you’ve edited it down, have some fun rearranging the books you’ll keep and your favorite object in a

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Roselind Wilson Design – Luxury Interior Design

Roselind Wilson Design – Luxury Interior Design | Home

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Welcome to Roselind Wilson Design, an award-winning, luxury interior design and interior architecture studio based in Queen’s Park, North West London. Stepping into our light-filled, loft space studio, you’ll find a dedicated, passionate team working harmoniously to design outstanding homes, stunning hospitality interiors and beautiful spaces that reflect the lifestyle of our discerning clients.

Luxury Interior Design & Luxury Interior Architecture

Our London interior design studio houses a dynamic team of experienced interior designers, architectural designers and luxury experts. This pool of diverse talent means we can offer specialist areas including luxury residential interiors and high-end hospitality interiors, furniture design and bespoke interior architecture for private clients and luxury developers. In addition, we have an extensive supplier database and long-established relationships with highly skilled craftsmen, giving us the scope to utilise innovative techniques and

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7 Design Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Better

Neila Deen, Houzz Contributor

A bedroom should be your sanctuary. Ideally, it should have enough room to store personal items and give you space to relax, dream and feel your most comfortable. But when you’re faced with limited square footage, creating a bedroom that does all these things can be challenging. Oftentimes the need for storage and functionality overshadows the desire for style. The result can be a bedroom that feels unloved, cluttered, even lackluster.

Browse Thousands of Bedroom Ideas

Designers often advocate for incorporating storage under the bed and using built-in pieces as classic space-saving solutions. But there are many more ways you can make your small bedroom not only functional but also chic. We offer seven small-space problem-solvers that can help you create a functional haven — without sacrificing style.

Chelsea Townhouse

1. Hang It From the Ceiling

In a small bedroom, you have limited surface areas. So get creative

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Outstanding ventless fireplace design ideas in modern living rooms

We will show you awesome ventless fireplace design ideas which are the perfect choice for any modern interior. If you haven not heard of these fireplaces – it is a design which does not have a flue or chimney. They can be freestanding or wall mounted, linear fireplaces or double sided but always add a tremendous charm to the living room.


Ventless fireplace design ideas – how to choose the right one?


modern indoor fireplaces ventless fireplace design living room decor

When choosing your fireplace you need to decide what type of fuel you are going to use – gas, propane, electricity or gel canisters. Many of the exclusive ventless fireplace design ideas are fueled by gas or propane. The have the advantage that offer a great deal of flexibility and can be positioned anywhere as long as a supply line can be installed. They exhaust a very low level of combustion gases into the room and do not

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interior design lebanon,decoration lebanon,interior design beirut

Villa Dray Broumana


Tel : (961) 4 – 972200

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Interior Design: contemporary apartments,

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Furnishing, Decoration – Beirut, Lebanon

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Architecture, Planning,

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Modern Architectural Style Considerations | Milgard Windows & Doors

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and lots of light encompass the look of a modern home. Ornamentation is kept at a minimum to focus on a large perceived space and welcome indoor-outdoor living. These one-of-a-kind homes are usually asymmetrical with flat or uniquely slanted roofs.

Recommended Window and Patio Door Styles for Modern

While modern homes are varied in how they are designed, sliding horizontal windows can almost always be a great choice. Another popular operating style is awning, often times placed below large picture windows as it brings in subtle fresh air. Many modern homes push beyond the norm when it comes to the shape and positioning of the windows. This could look like uniquely cut gables, windows wrapping around the corner of a home, or having glass from floor to ceiling. The possibilities are endless!

Aluminum is a popular window material to use because modern homes almost always have

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Single-family room neonatal intensive care unit design: do patient outcomes actually change?

Medical records data were obtained from Parkland and included time periods before and after moving into a new location. NICU encounters with admission dates between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2017 were included. The move occurred on August 20, 2015. The initial analysis included all data, but sensitivity analysis was performed excluding admissions 90 days immediately before the move (May 22, 2015−August 19, 2015), the move date, and 90 days immediately after the move (August 21, 2015−November 18, 2015). Outcomes of interest include length of hospital stay, growth during hospital stay, time to first oral feeding, and incidence of sepsis. This study was submitted to Western Institutional Review Board and was determined to be exempt from review.

Study sites

The NICU in the old Parkland hospital consisted of multiple units, divided into pods of 4−6 beds each in an open bay configuration, totaling about 90 beds. Each unit had

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interior design studio cheras | interior design firms cheras

Who We Are

The philosophy of 9 Plus Interior is to develop designs filled with a sense of uniqueness which at the same time, will live up to the expectation of our clients. We cater to clients’ wishes of creating a dream home by delivering ideas that will best match clients’ ideal interior home decoration. Our artists behind the scenes are comprehensive and attentive: by conducting studies on clients’ lifestyle, preferences and needs. With the research and effort put in, we produce the best choices and customized designs which fits the core idea of the client and thus, achieving results as expected.

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Interior Design Studio Cheras

Our interior design studio is located in Cheras Traders Square. We have a team of interior designers and specialists who are all highly sophisticated and fine tuned to the sense of art. These artists and problem solvers are pragmatic, especially in dealing

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Stylish Living Rooms: 6 Interior Design Tips


Photo: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

The living room is often the hub of your home. And it’s also the place where you gather to entertain or to spend time with family. Since it’s such a frequently used room, it makes sense to put the living room at the top of your priority list when it comes to decorating.

A beautifully decorated living room can completely change the way you feel about your home. But it takes more than just a few throw pillows to achieve both style and flow, and also function for your room. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to designing a stylish living room. These six interior design tips will help you create a living room with a look and feel you love.

Define a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. That wow feature that draws the eye and helps anchor

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This Mothers Day, 7 Designers Share the Style Lessons They Learned From Their Moms

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Courtesy of Nate Berkus, Sarah Sherman Samuel and Bobby Berk; Photography by Laure Joliet.

For many of our favorite designers, great style started at home. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked everyone from Bobby Berk of Queer Eye to designer and author Justina Blakeney about the design lessons they learned from their moms (or grandmothers and other mother figures).

What are the tips they picked up from the most important women in their lives? They learned how to stay organized, mix high-end and vintage pieces, incorporate art into a space, and more. Some of them, like Nate Berkus, were lucky enough to have moms who were interior designers themselves. Read on for the best lessons that continue to guide these designers today. 

Bobby Berk, interior designer and television personality

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Courtesy of Bobby Berk

One of the big ways my mother, Connie, influenced me is my organization and cleanliness. From

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