Day: April 7, 2020

2016 BMW 7 Series: Exterior and Interior Design

The new 2016 G11/12 BMW 7 Series is upon us. Ready to tackle Mercedes-Benz and Audi head on in one of the most tightly contested segments on the market. With the new 7 Series comes a bevy of features new to both the 7 Series line, like air suspension and a plug-in hybrid variant, as well as the segment as a whole, like wireless charging and gesture control for the infotainment system. With all of its new technologies and groundbreaking design, the 7 Series is aiming to dethrone the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and take the segment crown for itself.

2016 bmw 7 series M Sport Package images 1900x1200 02 750x500


BMW has gone to great lengths to insure that its newest 7 Series is as advanced, in terms of both luxury and technology, as possible. We all already know that the 7 Series has undergone a massive weight reduction, with BMW utilizing high-end materials, such as aluminum, magnesium and CFRP,

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Design tricks for small living rooms – EZ Living Furniture Blog Page

If your living room is small and you are looking for ideas to maximise your space, take inspiration from our clever design tricks to make the smallest of rooms feel perfectly proportioned and to unlock the potential of your compact living room.

The most important tip to help you get started is to find the most suitable pieces and begin to plan a furniture arrangement that will add to the overall look of your space.

Injection of Colour

One of the easiest ways of giving the illusion of space is to inject soft, pastel shades into your design scheme to lift your interior.

Injecting colour into your small living space - EZ Living Furniture


Light it up!

Let the sunshine in and embrace the natural light source available to make your room brighter. What’s better than a sunlit room, after all, to create those feels and eliminate shadows that can make an enclosed area feel even smaller.

You can further enhance

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Kanye West Interviews His Interior Designer Axel Vervoordt: “The Future Is Here”

The hip-hop mogul interviews his interior designer Axel Vervoordt and reveals his own plans for a philosophy book, thoughts on Virgil Abloh going to Louis Vuitton, and his future goals for the brand: “I don’t wish to be number one anymore, I wish to be water.”

A curious thing happened when Kanye West sat down to interview his design collaborator Axel Vervoordt. As Vervoordt walked into the Calabasas offices of Yeezy — the hip-hop mogul’s Adidas fashion brand — West seemed preoccupied. He would later admit that his mood was due to longtime Yeezy collaborator Virgil Abloh having just been named Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director. But as West and Vervoordt settled in on that afternoon in late March, everything seemed to click.

Both men sensed it, too, as Vervoordt’s answers repeatedly provided perfect segues to West’s next question. It was electric. The dialogue — timed to the publication of

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NYC DOT – Street Design Manual

Updated December 2015

Street Design Manual Cover

The Street Design Manual is New York City’s comprehensive resource for street design standards, guidelines, and policies. It draws from a wide range of resources and experience to present a coherent set of choices for street design. These range from ubiquitous features, such as standard sidewalk concrete and street lights, to newer design elements like pedestrian safety islands, bus bulbs, and protected bicycle lanes.

The first edition of the Manual was released in May 2009 and updated in July 2010. This second edition, released in October 2013 and updated in December 2015 , includes updates and new content, based on feedback from users and comprehensive inter- and intra-agency review.

Highlights of the Updated Second Edition include:

  • Expanded focus on considerations and design practices related to universal design principles in chapter introductions and design treatments
  • Additional content on resiliency measures in capital project origination
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Superyachts with best interior, exterior design in 2019: Awards recap

  • Boat International recently released the list of winners from this year’s Design & Innovation Awards.
  • The annual competition awards prizes in both aesthetic and technical categories for yachts of different sizes.
  • This year’s awards included 14 prize-winning yachts from various designers.
  • The motor yacht Elandess took home the most awards, with a grand total of four.

Superyacht magazine Boat International recently announced the winners of the 2019 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards. The awards ceremony celebrates advancements in yacht design and often unveils the newest boats designed by skilled architects.

This year’s competition included a total of 61 nominated yachts. In addition to recognizing boat categories, the ceremony honored two individuals: Yihharn Liu for Young Designer of the Year and Ron Holland for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Holland’s many designs include the world’s first hybrid sailing yacht, called the Ethereal.

Read more: The world’s most expensive superyachts come

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Open Kitchen Design vs Closed

Lately we’ve noticed chatter on some of our favorite idea sites, including Pinterest and Houzz, debating whether it’s better to have a kitchen that’s walled off from the rest of the house, or one that opens up to adjacent family rooms and dining areas.

The debate is timely. For years, designers, architects, and homeowners have been touting the benefits of open floor plans.

But all that openness has been around for awhile, and for some folks the pendulum is now swinging back the other way.

Which is better? We’ve got the answer.

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Opening Arguments: The Open Kitchen

The idea of the open kitchen has been around since the 1990s and continues to be popular.

For example, in 2006 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported that “the integration of kitchens with informal living space (great rooms) remains a popular design.” The

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25+ Best Exterior Design Website Templates

Exterior Designs templates are widely used to create exterior websites and there are many designers who know the importance of these designs. If you’re website owner and looking for some of the best exterior design templates then you’re on right place because here we will share the 25+ best exterior design website templates.

We have collected these all templates after long search. if you’re regular reader of our website then you may know that we always comes with unique ideas and try to provide our readers something creative and unique.

Best Exterior Design Website Templates

You can browse these templates and pick one of them that suit your website. Before going for any template, you can also check their demos and make sure that how your site will appear when you apply them on your website.

Exterior Design Responsive Website Template

Demo Download

Best Exterior Design Website-Template (2)

Exterior Design Responsive Website Template

Demo Download

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Best of 2016: Living Rooms

This is the seventh round-up in our “Best of 2016” series!

It’s that time of the year when I like to look back at what happened, to remember good times and lessons learned, and to start planning for the future. It’s also a great opportunity to go over some of my favourite posts and to review what was published on Nordic Design. I browsed through the 200+ articles shared with you this year,  and I’ve created a “Best of” series by looking at the most read, liked and shared content. I’ve gathered dozens of beautiful and inspiring pictures all worth remembering and pinning for future reference.

Here are 18 of the most gorgeous living rooms we’ve featured on Nordic Design in 2016.

Which one is your favourite?


1. Bright and Spacious Copenhagen Apartment

P.S. I am soon launching the Nordic Design Insiders Club! You’ll get premium content, exclusive archive, access

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26 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Black Walls

gorgeous living rooms with black walls cover

gorgeous living rooms with black walls cover

Color is a gorgeous thing to make a statement, create an ambience or a mood, highlight various touches. Depending on the color you choose, you can achieve various effects and looks, and today we’ll see how to rock black in the interior. We’ve already shown some ideas for rocking black walls in bedrooms, and today we are sharing living rooms.

Black is a perfect color because it’s timeless and can blend with any other colors, black will never go out of style. A black statement wall can fit any room, from pop art to Scandinavian, and it will make your interior stand out. It doesn’t mean that your interior will be gloomy, you can go for neutrals or bold color with all the rest of details and decorations. Moody interiors are incredibly trendy now, and if you want to create such a living

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I Design, You Decide: The Mountain House Exterior

What a beautiful mountain house…that sadly is not ours (yet). For you see, the exterior of our mountain house is a hodgepodge of finishes and colors and now that we’ve ripped open all the walls to put in larger windows, it HAS to be redone regardless of the fact that we actually didn’t mind it. I had thought about going the cheapest route and just painting it all the same color to unify it, but there is that little annoying mini-me that sits on my shoulder, saying are you sure you aren’t missing an opportunity? Is that really what a designer would do? But the real question is who is going to pay for this? Because I know first hand how much it is to redo an exterior (remember our Glendale house?) and if you aren’t careful, it can get into the six digits REALLY FAST. What I said to

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